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    The following examples demonstrate what features could be incorporated into a website.
    Note - all the colours and images can be customised and changed to fit your website.

    3D Image Gallery with tilt orientation
    - Adjustable zoom level when image is focused or in tile view
    - Specify how many columns and/or rows you would like to see at one page
    - Adjustable colors (frame, background ..etc)

    Simple Image Slideshow
    - Changeable colours (background, borders..etc)
    - Replaceable images
    - Adjustable size to fit your website

    Image Caroussel
    - Adjustable timer on how fast images move
    - Circular or left to right and then back from right to left
    - Automatic movement or manual movement

    Customised Google Map
    - Interactive google map showing the location on your choice
    - Giving you choice to have your own logo or picture showing on the map
    - Adjustable default height
    - Adjustable size of the map
    - Choose the default (starting) view of map, satellite or roadmap or hybrid.
    - And many other small tweaks can be applied to fit your website.

    Navigation Menu with Changing Background Image
    - Images can be changed to your liking
    - All colors can be changed to your liking (menus, text ..etc)
    - Can be implanted inside of existing website or can be used as front page of website

    Property Listing Demo
    - Property listing with thumbnail views
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